I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing parts of the country by bicycle on multi-day tours. The chronicles of some of these tours can be found under the Travel Logs menu, above. Each travel log also contains photos or a link to a photo slideshow from that trip.

Multi-day trips can be broken down into two categories. They are either based out of a central location and involve day trips into the surrounding area (called hug and spoke tours) or each day's trip is a continuation of the previous day's route, often forming a loop back to the starting point (called a daisy-chain tour).

All of the information used in planning these tours can be found under the Tour Details menu. You are welcome to use the information to plan your own trip. I am not a tour company. I will not arrange your tour for you. If you're wondering what might be involved in traveling by bicycle... what obstacles you might face... check the detailed information found in the Solo Touring guide.

I hope you enjoy the information in this site and find some of it useful. If you would like additional information, have questions, or just want to drop me a line, click the Contact John link below.

See ya on the road.